KitchenSmall Kitchen Design Ideas: The Current Trends of 2023

Small Kitchen Design Ideas: The Current Trends of 2023


One can create a complete and organic arrangement with elements of a particular style even in a small kitchen area. When thinking through an overall concept of a kitchen space, one should take into account the current trends of 2023.

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Furniture and Layout

The main task in the arrangement of a miniature kitchen in 2023 is to create a comfortable space with all the necessary work surfaces and appliances.

At the first stage, you should think over the type of kitchen furniture set, developing a detailed layout scheme that would be the most suitable for the overall configuration of the premise.

For a narrow room, one should consider placing the entire furniture set along a blank wall. If possible, a stove should also be installed there.

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The corner furniture set is considered the most practical. It makes it possible to release two vertical surfaces on which, if desired, you can fix light shelves. There will also be room for a comfortable dining area. It is better to prefer a table with rounded corners for it.

An interesting option would be a semicircular table placed close to the wall. It could be complemented by compact stools or padded stools that can easily slide under the countertop.

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If the room’s area is over 9 square meters, the U-shaped layout would also fit a square kitchen, provided its area is more than 9 square meters. You can complement such a set with a small island on which the hob is installed.

You can implement a two-line layout. In such a case, the end wall, where the window is usually located, will remain free. This will allow you to include the window sill in the overall kitchen scheme.

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When it comes to selecting furniture, multifunctionality becomes the key criterion. If the island is planned, then spacious cabinets for storing various utensils should be equipped in its lower sector.

Convenient drawers (either pull-out or built-in) should be installed under the dining table. Transformer furniture is becoming increasingly widespread in miniature kitchens. After application, such items are folded, moved, or closed, thus becoming compact and almost invisible.

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A window sill, optionally expanded, or a small elegant bar counter can easily serve as a table. The latter is often made folding or rotating, thereby saving the overall space.

A kitchen space layout with a vertical block can attract with its functionality and practicalness. In such a case, narrow and upwardly stretched cabinets should be located at the entrance. You can easily hide various household appliances, dishes, and other items behind their gapless doors.

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Kitchen furniture sets with under-the-ceiling shelves are becoming widespread. Thanks to the presence of the third tier, the volume of storage areas increases. Since horizontal narrow under-the-ceiling shelves fill the space of the wall near the ceiling, the appearance of the furniture set as an organic whole visually improves.


Given a high attendance level of a kitchen room, it is important to use finishing materials while taking into account not only decorative but also strength qualities thereof.

Ceramic tiles remain the most relevant trend of 2023, as it does not lose their aesthetics in conditions of high humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations peculiar to the kitchen. This strong and durable material is easy to maintain and does not deform after contact with aggressive liquids.

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Tempered glass is increasingly applied for kitchen backsplashes, hinged shelves, and countertops. Edging strips are a must in this case.

To give the interior a visual depth, it is not difficult to purchase varieties of finishes for a 3D backsplash. A convenient solution can be a built-in backlight. When it comes to finishing aprons, designers are increasingly resorting to tiles with a mirror surface that visually expands the space.

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Painting serves as a universal finish for wall surfaces. You can take advantage of popular washable decorative wallpapers. They are easy to clean. If necessary, it would be not difficult to re-glue a wallpaper, choosing the shades and patterns that are a trend of the 2023 season.

Designers often finish the walls with decorative plaster to implement high-tech, country, modern, art deco, or classics style elements in a small volume of a kitchen.

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Faux marble finishes do not lose their relevance. It is an amazing solution for the surfaces of the work area, dining table, backsplash, finishing boards, and even dishes. Light faux marble with elegant dark veins is now a trend.

The floor surfaces should be finished with granite, linoleum, laminate, or ceramic tiles. You should not combine materials in a small area.

Choosing a Style

For a small kitchen, a mindful selection of the overall design style becomes important. It is necessary to avoid bulky items there.

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Among the current trends chosen by designers, the following options can be distinguished:

  • Small kitchen 2023 in Hi-tech style. A plain interior with an expressly modern appeal of all the details is created in this case. Its salient features are concise lines and an emphasis on functionality.
  • Small kitchen 2023 in minimalism style. It is considered the most suitable option for small kitchen premises. A minimum of only the most necessary furniture, compact dimensions, built-in appliances, simple lines allow you to create an impression of spaciousness. Calm shades with the preeminence of achromatic coloration are to be used for the decoration.
  • Small kitchen 2023 in modern style. Some of the most expressive elements can help to distinguish this style. Softened brown, beige, gray shades as the main tone are used for the decoration. More vivid bright variations from the red part of the spectrum are well-suited to create accents. It is best for the furniture to be with elegant smooth lines.
  • Small kitchen 2023 in scandinavian style. The created atmosphere is moderate and functional. This is important for a small kitchen. The distinctive features of the Scandinavian style include the predominance of white color and wood texture finishes.

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Choosing a Color

The Pantone Color Institute, a well-known expert in the field of coloristics, has identified the main color trend for 2023. It is a blue color with a marked purple-red noble shade called Very Peri.

It will be the best solution for bold, active people, allowing one to ensure a joyful, positive, and energetic atmosphere even in a limited kitchen space, provided one combines it with a calm monochrome coloring of the main background.

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It should be noted that the tones that were the former trends of 2023 according to the same company still do not lose their relevance:

  1. Ultimate Gray. Provided a proper inclusion in a designed kitchen space, it brings a sense of permanence and stability. Any decorative chromatic element becomes more vivid on its background.
  2. Illuminating. It gives the atmosphere energy, cheerfulness, a feeling of solar warmth.
    The white color is also still a trend. It ensures an impression of a more spacious and air-filled room. It is recommended to attenuate such monotony with another color — any palette will fit in with this achromatic tone.

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Decorative Design Ideas

For a kitchen with a limited area, it is important to ensure not only aesthetics but also convenience. When selecting basic decorative elements, you should follow the general patterns:

  • The light tone of the main surfaces inevitably serves to visually expand the space.
  • Matte shades of warm colors narrow the volume.
  • In case of poor natural light, you should not prefer a white monochrome kitchen solution, as it looks mournfully, dreary, and gray in the daytime.
  • You can quickly brighten up the kitchen interior 2023 without much time and labor with the help of contrasting accessories.
  • The illumination placed under the furniture causes a trendy effect that allows one to feel the “hovering” of heavy objects in the air.

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It is possible to bring an unusual accent with the help of small decorative elements. Many techniques (embroidery, decoupage, carving, macrame, painting, etc.) can be applied even by an average person.

Glass or mirror shelves and inserts in furniture facades, doors, and countertops facilitate perception and allow one not to notice the limited space. Shiny metal fittings always attract attention.

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It is necessary to responsibly approach the window design as well. Long blackout curtains are impractical in a small kitchen. They create an obstacle when working and even become unsafe if made of combustible fabric. Roman-style curtains would be a suitable modern option.

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If containers to store bulk products are located on open shelves or in cabinets behind glass doors, it is worth thinking over their uniform appearance. An interesting option is to use tones contrasting to the main finish of the plane on which these kitchen accessories stand.

The built-in appliances will suit a miniature kitchen, as they allow you to create an orderly atmosphere. If possible, gapless facades should hide not only a microwave oven or a coffee maker but also a refrigerator, dishwasher, or washing machine. Provided a sufficient number of storage places, the necessary appliances (fryer, food processor, bread maker, mixer, etc.) should be removed from the work surfaces of the beautiful modern kitchen 2023.

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When it comes to lighting equipment, the allocation of separate zones with the help of wall lamps or LED strips remains a trend. Among the current trends, openwork metalized or mosaic glass chandeliers for fixing on ceiling planes should be noted. Transparent balls arranged above the work or dining area support the visual expansion of space.

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You should not clutter the already limited space with numerous open shelves and hooks. Before starting a thorough reconstruction, a plan should be developed, taking into account all the room’s features. It is better to elaborate on several options for the layout and color scheme. With such an approach, it will be easy to select the most comfortable design project.


  1. With the right approach, the interior design of a small kitchen can also be very fashionable and functional.


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  1. With the right approach, the interior design of a small kitchen can also be very fashionable and functional.


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