Apartment DesignsRed Color in Interior Design 2023: Current Must-Know Trends

Red Color in Interior Design 2023: Current Must-Know Trends


It is well known that colors have a huge impact on perception. Indeed, no one is indifferent to them. Therefore, when designing a home interior, it is worth considering individual predispositions to certain colors to feel comfortable there.

The red color is quite controversial and demanding, it can be an element that determines the style and the overall character of a composition. Fiery red will encourage life and have a positive effect on well-being. Staying in an interior filled with the color of love will significantly increase blood pressure. Derivatives of red in an interior will make you feel happier and more joyful. The design in red appeals to connoisseurs of interesting, bold, and modern interiors.

red color in interior 1

red color in interior 2

red color in interior 3

red color in interior 4

red color in interior 5

This color causes a boost of energy and stimulates sensuality. An interior in red color will be a perfect solution for people who are pessimistic about the world and life. However, it will not work in rooms inhabited by neurotic personalities.

Interior Design in Red: Current Trends of 2023

The red color is a trend of 2023. It is a sufficiently intense color not only in the interior but also in clothing. Actually, it more intense than any other. With such an energetic color scheme, you can easily create an expressive composition.

You should specifically consider what shades it will perfectly harmonize with. It’s easy to go too far with the number of red accessories. Deciding on such a sunny color, keep in mind that the confines of good taste are very strict here. Excessive amount of red in a single interior is completely unacceptable.

red color in interior 6

red color in interior 7

red color in interior 56

red color in interior 57

What halftones will naturally harmonize with the red color in an interior of 2023? It is a frequently asked question since this color is very popular nowadays.

Concerning the compatibility of the color scheme, it is worth first saying a few words about the meaning of colors. The red color is very symbolic.

Firstly, red is a “hot” color of passion and desire. If a woman wants to seduce a man, she will inevitably attract his attention with red clothes, which arouses like no other.

Secondly, red is the color of blood and danger. The media use it when they want to signal an emergency, disaster, or attack. Thanks to all these associations, this color is most often chosen by purposeful and self-confident people who are not afraid of standing out from the crowd.

red color in interior 8

red color in interior 9

red color in interior 58

red color in interior 59

red color in interior 60

red color in interior 61

red color in interior 62

The color in question stimulates and encourages action and is perceived as a sign of strength and energy. However, in excess, it can be tiring and overwhelming. That’s why it is so important to identify its advantages and eliminate its disadvantages. It is also crucial to apply this color reasonably when decorating premises.

Current trends in the use of red in the interior design of 2023 show that it is best to combine it with gray or black colors, but these are not the only options.

red color in interior 10

red color in interior 11

red color in interior 12

red color in interior 14

red color in interior 15

red color in interior 16

Red is perfectly emphasized by the elements of orange. However, moderation is required here, as an excess of orange in combination with saturated red can result in a too energetic color scheme.

When choosing the red interior 2023, keep in mind that this color is not suitable for small premises. The best solution is to bring a strong accent to the decorated space after applying another main color that allows to visually enlarge the room.

red color in interior 17

red color in interior 18

red color in interior 19

red color in interior 20

red color in interior 21

If you would like to slightly neutralize the effect of red, combine it with widespread tones (sandy beige, brown, dark blue, and light gray).

The most classic trio (black, red, white) looks good in modern and modernist interiors. It is the best choice for glam and retro styles. Besides, walls painted in these colors are quite common in offices.

red color in interior 22

red color in interior 23

red color in interior 24

red color in interior 25

red color in interior 26

red color in interior 27

In turn, red combined with white, blue, and beige constitute a typical marine set. These colors will fit perfectly into almost any room.

The combination of green and red is also commonly used. If you decide to use all of them at once, you should do this only in small quantities. You can design a kitchen area, a bathroom, and a living room in these shades. But in a children’s room, such a combination will look too aggressive.

To give the interior a bit of an oriental flavor, you can choose an extravagant combination of red with a muted blue or gold shade.

red color in interior 28

red color in interior 29

red color in interior 30

red color in interior 31

red color in interior 32

red color in interior 33

red color in interior 34

red color in interior 35

red color in interior 36

In 2023, red is most suitable for highly attended premises, such as corridors or kitchens. But avoid it in a bedroom — it is too exciting and can cause problems with sleep. Maroon shades are suitable are better suitable in this case.

red color in interior 37

red color in interior 38

red color in interior 39

red color in interior 41

red color in interior 42

red color in interior 43

The Colors Not To Combine With Red in 2023

In 2023, red will struggle for special attention with any other color . Therefore, it is better not to combine it with expressive tones, as they will create too catchy combinations that are difficult to constantly perceive.

If you decide to create a trendy and stylish interior of 2023 in red, you should choose a not too intense shade (for example, coral). Alternatively, you can use a red carpet, tiles, or carpeting. You can also create an original polymer composition of this color on the floor.

red color in interior 44

red color in interior 45

red color in interior 46

red color in interior 47

red color in interior 49

red color in interior 48

Many of us may feel irritated by a design of bright red color. So, it would be better only for accessories, and decorative elements, and furniture (carpet, chairs, sofa, decorative pillows) to feature it in 2023. Red is usually counterbalanced and muted by calmer colors.

red color in interior 49

red color in interior 50

red color in interior 51

red color in interior 52

red color in interior 53

red color in interior 54

red color in interior 55

Thus, the red color scheme will enliven an interior and add energy to it in 2023, but it needs to be used skillfully, rationally, and preferably pointwise (as the color of furniture and accessories). A design with the red color should be elaborate and balanced so that the interior does not become chaotic and disorderly.


  1. Beautiful and very stylish interiors in red! I was especially impressed by the interior with a huge red sofa 🙂

  2. There are simply no words to describe this beauty. All interiors are very fashionable and stylish. I wonder how much such an interior will cost?)


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  1. Beautiful and very stylish interiors in red! I was especially impressed by the interior with a huge red sofa 🙂

  2. There are simply no words to describe this beauty. All interiors are very fashionable and stylish. I wonder how much such an interior will cost?)


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